YouTube Advertising: Use 7 easy tips for 111% Profit

Why YouTube is the biggest platform for streaming videos?

Around 5 billion+ videos are played daily. In addition to this fact, approximate 300+ hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Hence, YouTube Advertising or Marketing is one of the demanding criteria for a successful business.

However, it is not surprising that YouTube is the foremost platform where the video went online in early 2005. And, many business entrepreneurs say that if you are not on YouTube marketing then your business will surely suffer. As per the marketing scenario, video contents are going to be used for the marketing of business by advertisement to reach a large number of audiences.

A business can lead only when you have better visibility of services to your audience and converting them into leads. Video content is count to be as most consumed data recently especially on YouTube. With the increase of video advertising, there is high competition with competitors so it becomes harder and harder to advertise.

If you are a beginner in YouTube Advertising or Video Advertising, then this blog is highly useful for you. For the experienced readers, this blog will help in increasing the profit to 111% as it will resolve issues related to paid search spend.

7 easy steps to earn the profit on YouTube Advertising

1. Selection of Relevant YouTube Ad Format

Format Where did ad will appear Platform Specifications
Display Ads The right side of the featuring video / below the player for larger videos Desktop 300×250 300×60
Overlay Ads On the video screen, a semitransparent ad with less than 20% coverage area Desktop 468×60 0r 728×90 (image or text ad)
Skippable Video Ads Appears before, after and in-between the video, the viewer can skip the video after 5 seconds (if they want to) Desktop, tv, mobile devices Same as the screen of the video player
Non- Skippable Video Ads Such ads cannot be skipped; viewers must have to watch the full ad. They can be up to 30 seconds or longer. Appears before, after and in-between videos. Desktop and mobile devices Plays in the video player, 15-20 seconds long as per the regional standards
Bumper Ads Another type of non-skippable ad which is long up to 6 seconds Desktop and mobile devices Plays in the video player, up to 6 seconds long
Sponsored Ads Such ads are termed as sponsored cards, the displayed content in the ad must be relevant to the service or product featured in the video There is a teaser available for the card of few second and to browse the card, viewers have to click on the top right corner of the video to browse the cards. Desktop and mobile devices Vary

As per the Google ads format, video campaigns are of different types. So, it is important to understand the specific features of the format which you can learn in Designing and Monitoring Video Campaigns. Further, here are the basic details of YouTube Advertising Format.

You have gone through all the format of the advertising and now you can select the format as per the requirement of your campaign. In addition to it, if you are a beginner then you should experiment on the entire format so that you can analyse the results. You will learn better if you observe things while doing.

2. Why segmentation of In-stream and discovery ad into distinct campaigns is important?

Likewise, you separate your Google AdWords campaigns into search, display and many more, same video ads do. This is because in-stream ads and discovery ads are different approaches to be used.

In-stream ads are placed before, after and in between the videos. On the other hand, discovery ads are found at the right upper corner next to related YouTube videos. They also appear as in search results and alongside other content across the display network.

Display ads

You can easily control the campaigns based on different budget and strategy. You just need to use a distinctive approach to analyse the performance. Further, adjust the settings and bids for each format differently by keeping observations in mind.

3. Use YouTube Targeting Option wisely to aim leads

Did you work on Facebook Advertising or Twitter Advertising or Google Advertising?

If so, I think you had played a close focus on your audience. For beginners or intermediate, it is important to categorize their audience so that budget and bidding can be redirected in a proper manner. You don’t need to waste your money on the audience which is not interested in your services.

YouTube and Google Advertising provide lots of flexibility in managing and controlling the ads. This control includes categorising your audience through demographic targeting. Plus you can categorize them in the form of affinity audiences in which you can target the audience based on a certain topic. Other options include the custom affinity audiences and in-market audiences.

For example, if you want to start a campaign for marriage photography in your local area, then you have to target the demographic for the audience who are interested in photography.

Targeting Option

4. What is Remarketing and why it is necessary for YouTube Advertising?

As per the experts from Digitalstarz, the best profitable targeting option is Remarketing. This is because whatever you invest in remarketing always give you profit rather than targeting a new audience. Because in remarketing you know about your audience and you can also observe how they are behaving and you can also predict the expected to reach from it.

If you don’t know about remarketing, let me tell you- it is a form of targeting the audience in which we retarget our website visitors. They get the advertisement at different places like social media, other relevant websites via display network and YouTube also. Although it sounds like we are chasing our customer in terms of profit and it is highly effective.

Example, if someone visited your Facebook page and check for your service for photography for marriages or any function. If the audience doesn’t take interest in them, then with the help of ads, you can retarget your visitors with remarketing and the ads will keep showing on their Facebook in other relevant platforms.

Remarketing your website visitors (who have already visited your website) are likely to get the advertisements. You can also show them your offers so that they will attract towards your website and services.


Important thing is that remarketing settings can be managed easily. Once you configured it you need not do much change. You can track all your results with high efficiency.

5. Video Content must be real-time and compelling to make viewers feel

So it is time to know about how your video content should be.

Do you know there is a lot of competitions and there is a lot of video content on the Internet! People have the options to skip in most of the YouTube advertisements!

Because of this, you need to have high-quality video content so that you can attract your customers easily.

An Initiative by UNICEF

Just think of good quality content; just think when you see advertisements and which type of advertisements appeals you to click on the link. Don’t make typical advertisements which are annoying and disturbing. Plus the content should be compelling and attractive such as joke and pranks which can make your viewers laughing.

The content must be natural and contain real characters so that viewers feel native and they feel they need your service.

6. Adding Interactive Element to Ads Doubles the Leads

Do you know about the feature of adding elements to your last section of the video and how it helps in YouTube Advertising?

In the elements, you can add a call to action button for cards to showcase products or you can link your shopping cart. You can also add screens to encourage a few customers to download the application.

Whatever your business is, every business has a goal and it is important to advertise it. It is important to capitalise your features and drive action on it.

Youtube Elements
Source: Amazing Dude

YouTube is one of the greatest platforms where you can drive customers to your business. Plus it will provide a great profit even double the profit of your business if you do it in the correct way as per my 7 tips.

You can explore all the features in YouTube and try to complete your goals as much as best as you can by keeping observations in mind.

7. Don’t forget to do Competitor Analysis

It is important to analyse your customers and that’s why we say its competitor analysis.

Yeah! You might be thinking that why you need competitor analysis in YouTube Advertising?

Well! You must know what your competitors are doing? What type of video content they are making? You can compare yourself and your competitors’ video contents- which content is appealing or innovative in what way and much more. This will help in creating more better video content than your competitor.

Plus it will help you in keeping an eye on your competitor’s services and type of advertisement they are doing. Such as what they are providing and how you can consider their creativity in your services with more innovation. You can also target the customers of your website competitor which will be very useful in your remarketing campaign.

This last point will improve your business leads and the profit may increase up to 250% or more if you target your audience and do competitor analysis properly in a planned manner.

Hope you like this blog.

Happy Reading 🙂

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